Easy Formula has been operating in the world of motorsport for over a decade. Founded to allow collectors and amateur racers to practice their passion by relieving them of technical and logistical constraints, the structure subsequently became involved into motor racing.

Driven by a love for well done job and the will to win, the team has won numerous victories in France and abroad.

Stage de pilotage automobile sur circuit Gold 19 tours ou 47km - 4
Stage de pilotage Formule 1 V12 - 1
Baptême de pilotage automobile sur circuit COURSE POURSUITE 3 tours - 1

Located in Alsace

Easy Formula is located in Alsace, in a two thousand square meter workshop specially designed for the maintenance and repair of race vehicles. Easy Formula is made up of a team of engineers, mechanics and drivers with extensive racing experience united by one motto: strive for excellence.